marketing support

Marketing Support

We ODI Technology's business has spread to about 150 countries and regions around the world, providing global after-sales service guarantees to meet customers' various needs to the greatest extent. Such as production time, supply capacity, logistics speed, quantity, color, OEM&ODM customization services, etc. ODI Technology is your reliable partner. Providing service support for more than 5,000 customers around the world.

ODI marketing team has created a set of designs for your business marketing on social media platforms,various major search engine platforms and major online shopping platforms. All for good result — Let ODI machine be your most powerful assistant!

Marketing service
Systematic service system

ODI Technology has launched a series of services including pre-sales process analysis, technical consultation, installation guidance during sales, and after-sales service return visits. It can also provide different colors, product combinations and other product configurations according to the needs of customers to meet different task requirements.

Diversified service methods

ODI Technology provides a full range of diversified service methods including customer service hotline, network and remote service, so that every customer can get the best and truly personalized service.

Regular return visits

ODI Technology establishes basic files for every customer and every product shipped out of the factory, and regularly or irregularly provides return visit services to customers by a customer return visit team composed of the company's technical support department, sales agents, and customer service department.

Marketing material services

ODI Technology provides lifetime consulting services, posters and video support for marketing promotion to all customers, as well as equipment training and installation, teaching videos, manuals, PPT, etc.