Established in 2006, ODI Technology is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales and clinical application of beauty and medical equipment, is a leading manufacturer of hiht-end beauty machines.

ODI provide different service solutions to customers with different needs.
A. For end-use customers, we provide high standard and high quality branded products.
B. For distributor, we offer a full-fledged custom service to build your own brand. Our products cover in laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, CO2 laser, IPL/DPL, RF, cryolipolisis, hydra machine,etc.


ODI offers targeted technologies for muscle toning and body shaping, delivering the ultimate body contouring makeover to your clients with fast, effective results.
Anti-aging, make your skin younger. Two major anti-aging technologies
Basic skin care and skin rejuvenation have become a daily lifestyle for many people. Have you found the right way?
Everything You Should Know About Body Contouring...
Achieve your dream body effortlessly with EMShape’s cutting-edge HIFEM technology—gain muscle and lose fat like never before!
ODI's scar removal solutions encompass a variety of advanced technologies designed to treat different types of scars effectively.
ODI non-invasive aesthetic procedures can break up excess pigment in the skin for removing hyperpigmentation and tattoos of all colors.
we offer advanced vaginal rejuvenation treatments using state-of-the-art technologies to help women regain confidence and improve their intimate health...