EMS Machine - 3500W High Power

Treatment Scope:
1. Body shaping
2. Muscle building, like ABS, buttock, leg etc.
3. Rectus abs separation treatment

Working Principle:
Using high-intensity focused electromagnetic wave (HIFEM) technology, by stimulating human motor neurons, the muscles can do extreme training, which can achieve the effect of increasing muscle and reducing fat.

This excitatory effect is highly selective; due to the physiological properties of muscle tissue, only motor neurons are activated, while other neurons or tissues do not respond to the current and are therefore unaffected.

Product advantage:

1. Energy, frequency and voltage are at the highest level in the industry.
2. Power 3500W, good treatment effect.
3. Large screen - 18.5 inches.
4. Exclusive machine appearance, unique and high quality.


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