Let us customize a brand new beauty equipment for your brand!

As a high-tech manufacturing enterprise, ODI specializes in research and development, production, sales and clinical application of household and medical beauty equipment.
We are committed to providing high-quality innovative, competitive beauty equipment solutions to customers around the world.
If you are looking for personalized OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) services or need ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) solutions, welcome to contact us!

ODI is a leading manufacturer of high-end beauty equipment and our best selling products include but not limit as below:

Diode laser: permanent hair removal.
Q-switched laser & yag laser: all kinds of pigments and tattoo removal.
DPL: skin rejuvenation, acne treatment, pigments and tiny vascular improvement.
CO2 laser: skin resurfacing, various of scars and moles removal, vagina care
Radio frequency: skin lifting and tightening,anti-aging(eyes, face, vagina care)
HIFU: anti-aging, wrinkle removal and body slimming.
EMS: muscle building and body shaping
Cavitation & Cryolipo: body slimming, fat reduction
Skin care: skin cleaning, moisturizing, lifting, essence introduction.
Other beauty equipment.

ODI factory has provided more than 3,000 customized service cases based on 18 years of mature experiece. We can provide professional sevice for you:

Comprehensive solution: full process support from design to final product delivery, helping customers to quickly launch the market.

Innovative design: provide professional product design from appearance to inner structure, to creat innovative beauty device for you based on market trends and customer feedback.


Technical support: provide technical support and consultation for product development to ensure that product functions and performance meet expectations.

Professional team: have an experienced team of designers and engineers to provide customers with innovative and efficient solutions.

Flexibility: can flexibly respond to various customized needs, from demo to large batch production, to meet the needs of different customers.

Quality assurance: Strict quality control system and certification standards to ensure the quality and reliability of each product shipped.

Introduces most customizable content:

ODM service
1. Color Change
2. Private Logo (body shell & software)
3. Language Customization
4. Body Shell Change

OEM Service
1. Requirements Collection & Technical lmplementation Discussion
2. Industrial and Structural Design
3. Software/Hardware Development
4. Finished Demo Testing
5. Confirm All Final Standard with Customers
6. Clinical Case Testing and Mass Production
7. Your brand new machine is coming soon.

More requirements, waiting for you!

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Whether you are looking for a reliable OEM partner or want to explore innovative ODM solutions, we can provide you with the most professional support and service. Contact our team today and let us work together to develop custom beauty instruments that will breathe new life and competitive advantage into your business! On the road to customization of beauty instruments, choose professional, choose innovation, choose us! We look forward to working with you to create a beautiful future together!