Tattoo and Pigmentation Removal

1. Regarding tattoo & PMU(Permanent makeup) removal

Tattoo ink consists of solid colored particles that can be targeted and removed with specialized lasers in a similar manner to pigmented lesions. Different tattoos may require different types of lasers to remove them, depending on the type of ink, color, and depth of the tattoo. Q-switched lasers release high-power pulses of extremely short duration. The intense and rapid heating caused by the absorption of light at a specific wavelength of 1064/532nm creates the photothermal effect. When the chromophore is heated, it undergoes a sudden thermal expansion that creates a shock wave and a popping sound with each laser pulse. This photoacoustic effect generates forces that fragment the tattoo pigment particles. The pigment treated with this method gradually becomes lighter over time until it disappears. The surrounding tissue remains unchanged, making the treatment selective and safe.

2. ODI solutions for tattoo removal

According to different colors of tattoos and PMU, ODI devices comes with different wavelengths for different types and color of tattoos and PMU. 1064nm mainly for dark and blue color of tattoos & PMU removal, yet for those red, yellow, green color of tattoos and & PMU, 532nm wavelength is the best choice. Lite pico series, which comes with fractional tip, will help to equalize skin tone after tattoos & PMU removal.

Before and after