4D HIFU machine

Treatment Scope:

1. Face lifting, reshaping contours.

2. Tightening skin, improving sagging.

3. Shrinking pores, delicate and attractive.

4. Removing wrinkles, smoothing skin.

5. Promoting metabolism, reversing aging.

6. Reducing fat, shaping, and modifying body shape.

Working Principle:
Using the principle of high-intensity ultrasound, the sound waves are focused at a fixed focus, generating high-temperature heat energy at the focus. During care, the instrument accurately controls the energy on the collagen layer 3mm below the subcutaneous tissue and the fascia layer 4.5mm below the skin. When the temperature rises to 65-75℃, the SMAS at the operation site produces a protein coagulation reaction, thereby generating tension around the coagulation center, and at the same time stimulating collagen reorganization and replenishment. The newly generated collagen can gradually tighten and lift the skin from the inside and restore elasticity.

Product advantage:

1. One machine for multiple uses, seven probes, body and face.

2. Up to 6 lines can be injected at a time.

3. The energy is uniform, the energy of each row of lines and each point is uniform.

4. The instrument is easy to operate, and compared with ultrasonic machines, it is more comfortable and less painful.


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