Kissfacial- skin care

Product Working Principle
1. Steamer:
ion penetration + double nozzles + adjustable angle, the hot steam quickly opens the pores, making the skin easier to clean, and grease and dirt are completely removed.

2. Pores Cleaning Tip:
Quartz glass material, this handle come with vacuum technology,make it easy to clean dirt and oil from pores deeply. Free control of suction and release by hand, make the skin more comfortable and reduce the tearing feeling

3. V-Massage:
Using the air aspiration method, it can perfectly fit the face and neck, accelerate blood circulation and metabolism of the skin, and achieve the effect of lymphatic detoxification and bright skin. Easy for operation, no stress to the skin.

4. Q-Brush:
200rpm high-speed rotation produce dense and fine foam while cleaning, 360° rotation remove skin dirt and cosmetic residue, achieve the effect of deeper cleaning.
High quality rayon material,durable and suitable for all skin types.

5. Sprayer:
High pressure push product through 0.5mm caliber and transfer it into
0.28μm condition particles, which will be absorbed more easily and deeply, greatly enhance the absorption of product, which can solve the problem of dull and dry skin.

6. RF Tip:
Radio frequency wave penetrate the barrier of epidermal basal melanocytes, shrinking the collagen fiber by heating the dermal collagen fiber to 55-65°C to tighten loose skin, stimulate collagen regeneration and restore skin elasticity gradually. Also, it can introduce product into deeper skin layer.

7. Cold &Warm Hammer:
With 2 working mode, temperature from 5 to 45℃. The heating mode can enhance the various product absorption, accelerate the metabolism, while the cooling mode can help to cool off skin, shrink pores, relieves skin redness problems.

8. Needle-less Injector:
Adopting the high pressure spraying technology, transfer nutrients into nano particles, inject botox, serums into dermal layer through non-invasive method. It's safer, non-invasive and painless treatment.

Product advantage:

1. Japanese brand new precise and gentle skin care instrument.

2. High-end quartz contact material, no pressure, no scratches on the skin.

3. Unique treatment head design, flexible control of suction, easy to remove blackheads.

4. 8-in-1 advantage technology. Multifunctional machine, can start different skin care projects, and is also the best partner for product introduction

5. High-end patented design, best choice for skin care. (most customer choose)


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