The CO2 laser machine emits laser that is as tiny as hair and arranges the laser into a fixed shape. Laser directly penetrates into the dermis layer of the skin, and evenly creates tiny holes in the dermis layer, while instantly vaporizing the tissue at the treatment area. This process is minimally invasive which in turn initiates a tissue repair procedure by a series of skin biochemical reactions so the skin is rejuvenated and a lot of collagen is reproduced so to retrieve younger and smooth skin.


  • Fractional mode: Pore shrinking, fine lines, stretch mark and all kinds of scars removal and skin rejuvenation.
  • Normal mode: Remove all the benignant neoplasms like moles, fat granule, warts.
  • Gynecology mode: Vagina tightening and increase the sensitiveness of vagina so to improve the stress incontinence and eliminates the painful feeling during sex.
  • Vulval mode: Reduce pigmentation in vulval and areola to make it pink and more attractive.


  1. Stable and durable laser tube brings out uniform energy and much smaller trauma spot, to make sure a quicker repairing period
  2. Korean imported articulated arm ensures the most stable, uniform energy and light loss rate below 20%
  3. Long lifespan time, available for 5~7 years
  4. External water tank(Glass Tube): easy for water supplying and checking, easy to assemble and disassemble
  5. Invention patented wired&wireless foot-switch, perfect match the machine system and easy to operate
  6. 12.1-inch high-definition screen, program and language can be customized.


Model LC12-SG
Length of laser 10.6μm
Output power 20w
Input power 450VA
Ways of laser emitting Single pulse,continuous pulses
Laser output mode 110cm
Angle of divergence 4mrad
Focused laser spot diameter ≤0.4mm
Handle focal length F=100mm(Optional)
Pulse width 0.4~4ms
Indication light Red semiconductor laser(650nm,2mw)
Cooling system wind cooling
Control system Micro computer control system
Transmitting system Imported articular arm of light guide from Korea


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