VACSLIM PRO - Slimming Machine

Treatment Scope:
1. Body: body shaping, skin tightening on limb, hip lifting.

2.Face and neck: face and neck wrinkle removal and skin firming & lifting.

3. Eyes: eye corner lifting, eye bag removal eye wrinkle removal and eyes massage.

4.CMT(Chinese Medical Therapy) release fatigue on shoulder, back, waist. Relieve muscle soreness after over exercises.

Working Principle:
Vacslim combines with RF, vacuum. With Vacuum assisted, fats and aging tissues will get metabol ized faster; blood circulation will be accelerated, which is good for elastic fiber and collages regeneration.

RF penertrate deep into dermal layer and transmitted into stable temperature of 55-65 ℃, which stimulate the collagens and elastic fibers regeneration, to achieve skin rejuvenation and skin tightening.

Product advantage:

1. All in one machine, wide range of applications, cost saving.

2. Instant result comes out after 20 minutes treatment.

3. Stable quality and energy, no burning, safe treatment.


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