Refund And Returns Policy


ODI Laser offer one year free warranty, lifetime maintenance, 24 hours on-line service.

We have specific and strict after-sale service regulations which would be written on the last page of our machine’s user manual. And our professional after-sale service team will offer the best service to you according to the regulation strictly.

ODI Laser beauty machine after sale specifications
1. From the date of machine shipment (according to the barcode of machine factory), Party B(seller) provide Party A(buyer) one-year warranty for mainframe (excluding the handle) and lifetime maintenance service.


2. From the date of machine shipment (according to the barcode of machine), party B(seller) offer three months warranty for handle except the artificial factor.( artificial factor includes abnormal use of the machine, such as no water running, strong impact, fall down from high place, etc..). Breaking caused by artificial factors is beyond warranty, party A(buyer) should pay the cost of breaking spare parts and two-ways freight.
A. Within 15 days after machine shipping from party B(seller), if handle has problem (non-artificial factor), Party B(seller) will send party A(buyer) new handle upon receipt of returned old handle (Except the nd yag or q switch laser handle, E light handle and diode laser handle); party A (buyer) bear two-way shipping cost.
B. During warranty (15th days to 3 months after machine shipping from party B(seller)), if handle has non-artificial factor problems, party B(seller) will offer patty A(buyer) free repairing service, party A(buyer) should bear two-way freights.
C. Out of warranty(more than 3 months since machine shipping from part B(seller)), if handle has any problems, , Party B(seller) provides Party A(buyer) maintenance service with the cost of replacement parts. Party A(buyer) bear two-way shipping freights.


3. The warranty of optical accessories in articulated arm (co2 laser, q switch laser, pico laser, etc) and optical parts (for example, laser lens, parts in laser generator) is three months (All the reflective lens and so on.)

4. Handles of LD808-300W or 500W is warranty for one year or ten million points. (Whichever comes first) Handles of LD808-1200W is warranty for two years or twenty million points. (Whichever comes first). Host of 300W、500W or 1200W is warranty one year and lifetime maintenance service.
5. Laser sight head and E-light filter are not within the scope of warranty. we guarantee half of the total shots or three months (whichever comes first) for Thermage , hifu which has the fixed shots of cartridges. we guarantee the front 225 shots (means screen shows 525-300 counts)of the liposonix, or three months(whichever comes first).
6. Within 15 days from the date of machine shipment from factory, if the machine has quality problems (Non-artificial and force majeure ), part B(seller) will provide replacement services. party A (seller) should ship it back and bear two-way shipping freights.


7. Within warranty (15th day to one year after the machine shipment), for machine quality problems (Non-artificial and force majeure):
A. If need to send mainframe back for repairing, Party A(buyer) should bear two-way freight. The machine has to be sent back with original packaging. party B(seller) will not be responsible for the damage caused by packaging problems.
B. If no need to send mainframe back, Party A(buyer) can send the accessory back to repair. For some emergency and only if machine is within three months, party B(seller) can send the new accessory to change. And the old accessory must be send back to Party B(seller) within three months. Related freight should be borne by party A(buyer).
IMPORTANT NOTICE: within one month, the broken parts must be returned to party B(seller). If broken parts cannot be returned in time, it is considered to be shipped as new order spare parts. The sales representative bears 40% of the cost and the after-sales department bears 60%. The party A(buyer) is considered to give up any warranty or service for this instrument. Party A(buyer) bears the two-way shipping cost
C. For engineer on-site service, Party A(buyer) should provide with travel fee (traffic, hotel, meals).


8. After the machine is shipped more than one year, if machine quality problems, Party B(seller) provides Party A(buyer) maintenance service with the cost of replacement parts. If need to send back to factory for repairing, party A (buyer) bears two-way freights.
9. Notes:
A. All our products are precision instruments, cannot be carried always. If any quality problems caused by the shipping, party B(seller) would provide service, but it is not the responsibility of party B(seller).
B. Please keep the original package for the maintain and repair.
C. Barcode is the only factory warranty certificate, party B(seller) don't provide warranty service without the barcode. The company reserves the sale described in the final interpretation and modification rights.

OEM/ODM Service Available

1. Unique machine shape design

2. Treatment handle, filters design.

3. Package (style, material, label design)

4. Software adjustment (logo &menu design, different languages)

5. According to the budget, machine weight, size, provides reasonable projects.


Training Service

Once you buy beauty machines from us, we supply professional training for you. Detailed user manual, video and online service are the basic training. Moreover, we teach how to use the machine and how to do the treatments step by step. Our Cosmetic tutors has more than 8 years rich clinical experience, who can provide you accurate treatment parameters to bring significant treatment result.