V-Max machine

Treatment Scope:

1. Face lifting, reshaping contours.

2. Tightening skin, improving sagging.

3. Shrinking pores, delicate and attractive.

4. Removing wrinkles, smoothing skin.

5. Promoting metabolism, reversing aging.

6. Reducing fat, shaping, and modifying body shape.

Working Principle:
V-Max Machine is to repair the deeper layer through the way of countless matrix to transfer heat. At the depth of about 4.55mm under the skin, which is the SMAS, form the focusing surface through RF electric field, strongly hit the tissues in the dermis, and produce the effect of electric field aggregation on the dermis, raising the temperature under the skin to about 60 ~ 70 ℃, which makes sure the effective thermal damage on the fiber layer in the dermis, and stimulate the skin to repair these cells

Product advantage:

1. Wide operating range, seven treatment heads with different depths, both for face and body.

2. Simple operation, the output points are divided into single point and continuous, no need to draw lines.

3. Safe and comfortable to use, low pain, different depths of treatment heads can be selected for different skin thicknesses.

4. Long life of treatment head, 60,000 shots for face head and 200,000 shots for body.


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