Veryshape - Slimming Machine

Treatment Scope:
1. Fat reduction
2. Weight losing
3. Body reshaping and contouring
4. Skin tightening and firming

Working Principle:
The ultrasound probe uses 40KHZ focused ultrasonic waves to
emit strong sound waves that vibrate fat cells at high speed,
causing them to burst and decompose into glycerol and free
fatty acids.

Then through vacuum cavitation, rollers, lipolaser and RF, the decomposed glycerol and free fatty acids are discharged through the liver and intestinal circulation.

Product advantage:

1.40KHz ultrasound technology burst fat cells into liquid fatty acid quickly.
2.5 in 1 technologies probe(RF +650nm lipo laser +Vacuum suction + Roller massage + 40KHz ultrasonic (fat blast)) brings the best body shaping result.
3.Two different sizes of treatment probes for over all body weight loss.
4. No consumables, non-invasive, high security.


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